My wife June and I wanted a new or newer car. Our 1993 Camry was nearing the end of its useful life. We had no idea what Make or Model would work for our current lifestyle so we headed off to start shopping. Our first and last stop was Import Car Center Sales at 880 Merivale Road. We arrived on a Saturday morning and started looking at the many cars they had on their lot. Within a few minutes we were approached by a friendly sales associate named Josh Goldberg.  He listened to us as we explained our situation. We never felt pressured, and Josh was very helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating. He kept handing us key after key for us to try different vehicles. We drove 3 Audi Quattros (the A4 Wagon, the AllRoad Wagon and the A6 Turbo sedan), a Lexus SUV (too big and too high for us), a Volvo wagon, a Murano (huge and noisy), a BMW X3 (solid as a tank), a CRV (ho hum) and then Josh, very politely said.."So...Let's see now...how many cars have WE driven?"..and we smiled. He did a nice recap and summary, which helped clarify our situation and to focus on what we wanted. We decided to drive the Audi A6 Turbo again and came back smiling. After 4 hours, we were convinced that this was the car for us and had decided to buy it.

In summary, Import Car Centre was just the venue we needed to try the different makes and models of cars and Josh was effective and efficient. We left feeling we had been treated fairly without any pressure or hype to deal with. The staff at Import Car Centre seem to me, like a team of professionals, who enjoy their work and their lives and have integrated the two into a balanced lifestyle. I would certainly recommend or use their services again.

Tom Gifford
Gifford Automotive Inc