The Benefits of Using Nitrogen

Safety First


Save Money


  • Consistent inflation pressure over longer periods
    - Nitrogen permeates through the tire at a rate of 35% slower that oxygen (air)
    - Under inflated tires flex and build up heat, breaking down the rubber over time
    - 60% of blowouts are caused by under inflation
    - Consistent inflation improves tread life
    - Vehicle handling is improved
  • Longer Tire Life
    - Nitrogen is a dry gas which disperses heat more rapidly resulting in cooler running tires.  This preserves the integrity of the rubber, belts, and bead
    - This inert gas also significantly slows the chemical aging process associated with oxygen and moisture (air)
  • Improved fuel efficiency
    - Passenger cars realize 2-3 miles per gallon gains (4% on average*)
    - Trucks realize gains of 2+%
  • At 4% fuel efficiency enhancement, the savings are significant to the car owner
    - At 4% on a vehicle with 20 mpg rating, this saves approximately 2.5 gallons per week based on 40 miles per day @ $1.90 per gallon that adds up to $228 savings per year

    Source:  Tire Review, July 2004
What you Need to know



Don't forget the spare tire!

  • Your tire valves will have green valve caps (indicating Nitrogen)
  • You get free top ups as long as the tire we installed stays on that rim.
  • If for some reason you need to inflate your tires, there is no harm in inflating them or topping them up with "air". Just let us know the next time you are in.
  • Continue to set your tires to the specified pressure for your vehicle